Evaluation Login

Please follow the steps below to fill out your evaluation form and obtain your Certificate of Attendance for the 8th UAE Cancer Congress 2016.
  • Please enter the registration number printed on your badge or sent to you before the Congress in the registration confirmation email.
  • Please fill out the complete evaluation form in order to obtain your Certificate of Attendance.
  • The certificate will be emailed to the email address you enter on the evaluation form.
  • For any queries, please contact us at uaecancercongress@mci-group.com
  • Your registration ID number can be found on your badge or in the confirmation letter sent to you by email before the Congress.
  • Your registration ID will be in any of the following formats:
    • "UAECC16-I-XXX" (the letter "I" stands for "Individual")
    • or "UAECC16-G-XXX-XX" (the letter "G" stands for "Group")